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Review - Muay Thai Training To Trap Music

Muay Thai is a martial art that can transform anyone into a unified weapon. Teaching them how to utilize what muay thai practitioners refer to as "The Science Of 8 Limbs". The 8 limbs consist of your 2 fists, your 2 elbows, your 2 knees, and your 2 shins. The kicks in muay thai are what really sets the art apart from others. When you hear a perfectly executed thai kick smack against someone's leg, you can just imagine  the pain. Punching combinations that almost resemble western (American) style boxing, vicious elbow strikes, brutal knees, devastating kicks, and not to mention the dreaded "Muay Thai Clinch".

I personally have been fascinated my Muay Thai since I was a child. It wasn't until the recent year and some months when I started taking Wushu, I branched over into Jujitsu, and from there, I landed into Muay Thai. I wanted to have a diverse MMA background, and I knew I had to add MT into it.

For all my hip-hop heads, you already know the feeling you get the second you hear some dope trap music drop. Imagine combining a hardcore MT training session, with some dope ass trap music to accompany each punch and kick as they bang into the pads.
Left Superman Punch
Its amazing the feeling I get when I land a nice sharp elbow into the pads, or feel my body pivot and rotate all the way through a high roundhouse kick. You can get motivation from watching others do what you are interested in doing. I love doing MMA and MT, and I love showing people my videos. Its a way for me to critique myself and look for what I need to improve on and various other things. The number one point of me sharing any of my videos is for learning purposes for myself and for others.

Right Rear Straight Knee
So why do we kick with our "Shins" in MT and not the "Feet" like Karate, Kickboxing, or Taekwondo? Simple! Okay imagine this. Imagine that there is a wooden baseball bat being held by two men. One laying on the ground with his arms wrapped tightly around the barrel of the bat, and another man standing holding the very top of the handle.

Do you think anyone in the world would be able to kick as hard as they can through this baseball bat using the top of their foot? Fuck no, and if they tried, I guarantee they wouldn't be able to walk the same. This has been done by using the Muay Thai round kick to completely kick through multiple types of official wodden MLB bats. This crazy feat was possible because you use your shin to strike with any type of MT round kick.

Here is a link to an actual Sports Science Video When A Thai Fighter Breaks A Bat With His Shin

The only time our actual "feet" are used is when we use a technique called a "Teep Kick". This is use to push the opponent back if they are too close, or to push them back to setup for a long range attack. When you teep kick, you can either strike with the balls of the feet to make it a strike, or strike with the heel of the foot, to create a pushing effect on  the opponent.
High Face Teep Kick
Elbows can be very deadly if you know how to use them the right way. The tip of the elbow is sharp as a knife when it slashes across the forehead and nose. They can even KO someone if landed on the chin, jaw, or even to the side of the head.

Left Lead Elbow

Your knees can cause just as much damage as a perfectly timed uppercut, especially from the clinch. Your knee is a very diverse tool, because just like with the shin, you can also block with your knees as well, even though its recommended to block with the shin. Knee strikes can end fights quickly. A good knee to ribs can cause one or multiple cracked ribs, because the knee is a very hollow and solid bone, just like the elbow.

Lead Left Straight Knee

I also write and record hip-hop, so I know about that trap music real tough. It puts you off into your own zone, when you head that sick ass bass line, with the crispy snares and the chopping of the hi hats, its nothing like a sick trap beat. Muay Thai is a freedom of ones expression within their body, like freestyling. Combine that freedom of expression with the sounds and rhythm of your favorite trap songs.

Training Out In The Open, Literally.
I love the confidence I gain from training MMA in general, but MT is my hands down favorite. I love the science behind the movements, the angles for your stance, and how  to turn and pivot the right way with kicks, I am a disciple of Muay Thai. Another great benefit of practicing MT is that you build up a great cardiovascular system, because they techniques utilize the core muscles and their are crazy twists, turns, and even jumping involved to execute a vast amount of techniques.

Focus Mitt Drills

Overall, I believe that if you are interested in Muay Thai, but you don't do it, you should give it a try. You will learn how to use all parts of your body as a weapon, get into shape, and be in a healthier state. MT is starting to become the next "Crack" addiction over in America in the MMA world. You can get inspiration to study MT by simply watching videos online, reading books about MT, or even attending seminars. I give to you my video for viewing and inspirational purposes. No I am not a MT guru, I'm just a low totem pole guy seeking to learn more and improve more.

Chin tucked, Guards up, Ready to strike.

I plan on visiting Phuket, Thailand to attend their 8 day training program. I feel that if I want to learn authentic MT, I should go to where it originated from. I hear that training out in Thailand is the ultimate experience, and many people who go one, continue to go back to learn more and more. I don't know where my journey in MMA will take me, but I don't plan on sitting around thinking about it, I rather fight and train my way through the tunnel. As of now, I have been inducted into the USJJO (United States JuJitsu of Ohio) and I plan on visiting Thailand within the next 2 years.

Trophies, Medals, A Plaque and my USJJO patch

"Muay Thai Training To Trap Music"

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