Saturday, June 8, 2013

Deadly Kung Fu Moves (Strikes & Self Defense)

Deadly Kung Fu Moves are what you will see exactly in this video. I practice some strikes and combos on the dummy, then I do some kicking drills on the bag. I then do 5 Self Defense scenarios with my sparring partner.

I do a 5 punch strike combo, a 14 kick combo, and I even break out a baby Ip Man punching series on the bag. Can you count how many punches I land?

Ip Man Punching Sequence 1:44
Self Defense Breakdowns 1:58

The 5 scenarios are as follows in order
1-Defend Against A Sucker Punch
2-Defend against a grab
3-Defend Against A Knife Attack
4-Defend Against A Gun To My Back
5-Defend Against A Pole, Club 

[Shot & Edited By RyVisions]


Song Featured In Video : "Fly Boy" by R-Stonze
This song is featured on my album "Rock S.T.A.R." which is on iTunes

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