Sunday, February 8, 2015

J. Cole's 'Wet Dreamz' Performed by Southern University Marching Band [VIDEO]

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Some rappers probably would say they’ve officially achieved success when they’ve pocketed a certain amount of money, while others might attribute it to reaching a certain position on the Billboard charts. But J. Cole’s definition is much different. After hearing one of his songs being played by a college marching band, he’s “made it.”

After the rapper heard Southern University’s Human Jukebox play ‘Wet Dreamz,’ off his ’2014 Forest Hills Drive’ album, he took to Twitter to give thanks.

“I ain’t make it until I saw this,” he wrote. “A high honor! Thank you.”

And thank yous were definitely in order because not only did the band pick a great tune to play, they did so perfectly. The large horn section made the track sound that much bigger.

There were even a team of dancers up front who created a special choreography routine for the cut, so it’s evident at least a few people in the band are big Cole fans.

Check out the video above to witness Southern University’s cool rendition of ‘Wet Dreamz.’

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