Saturday, June 7, 2014

Locksmith Tells Tale of Unique Encounter in 'F—in' Idols' Video

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Locksmith recently asked fans what track from ‘A Thousand Cuts’ they’d like to see him make a music video for and ‘F—in’ Idols’ was the resounding top pick. In less than 48 hours, the Bay Area rapper unveiled the effort and the results are quite good. The stark visuals keep the focus on Locksmith and the object of his affection. But as the story unfolds, images of the external thoughts rapidly appear on screen.

The track is an example of Locksmith’s excellent storytelling as he details an unusual situation he found himself in while on tour. Listeners hear how the rhymer falls into a potential hook-up that quickly goes wrong when he realizes who the woman is.

“I thought I was out her clutches ’til I found I was tryna wet this / Gonna mount that amount to a mountain, how she steps out of her husband / How she checks out when she’s f—ing / How she’s in doubt when she’s suffering / How they just had a child, so the money and house is nothing / But it’s funny how spouse is someone that I feel that I seen somewhere / But I can’t put my finger on it / She says put your finger here / I know it’s misleading, dear / But I can’t have that wrong on me / Then I looked at that face again, it finally dawned on me,” he raps.

His lyrics then detail the realization that the woman in front of him is someone he’s all too familiar with. “Ain’t you the wife of that ballplayer with tall paper / Who retired from playing, but as a child was my wallpaper / But he moved to the Midwest and got the house with the large acres / Came from endorsements to making money in all fazes / And facing her I can see, when I speak that she’s bored and idle / She needs some attention to hide like f—ing a formal rival / Maybe a foreigner for her tell her she’s thinking I bull / But I can’t be the n—- to f— the wife of his former idol.”

Locksmith’s ‘A Thousand Cuts’ is in stores now.

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