Tuesday, May 20, 2014

50 Cent Gets 'Twisted' on New Song With Mr. Probz

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50 Cent's Cover For Single 'Twisted'Twitter

Not that he’s ever really gone anywhere, but 50 Cent is back with a new track from his forthcoming album, ‘Animal Ambition.’ The rapper delivers ‘Twisted,’ produced by Mr. Probz, an artist and producer from Holland.

The former Interscope Records artist has released a string of songs from ‘Animal Ambition’ leading up to the June 3 release, however, ‘Twisted’ is arguably the most radio friendly. This is one track that can potentially land the rapper at the top of the Billboard charts once again.

Lyrically, 50 raps of celebrating a big accomplishment in an even bigger way.

“Let’s toast to success and take it a little higher / Make tomorrow bring you everything your heart desires/Let you drive on ambition off of your new visions / I hope your gut instincts help you make good decisions / This is more than champagne this is more than just a glass / This a symbol of accomplishment we rarely ever had,” spits the Queens, N.Y. lyricist.

Clearly, the cut is 50's attempt to make a feel-good record for both the summertime and the clubs. ‘Twisted’ could definitely bring the rapper back to prominence in a major way.

Listen to 50 Cent’s ‘Twisted’ Feat.

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