Thursday, June 20, 2013

Gadgetwise Blog: Zapping Bugs With the Wave of a Racket

Zapping mosquitoes with an electrified tennis racket might seem to be a surefire entrant into the World’s Dumbest Ideas Hall of Fame.

But the Stinger Portable Bug Zapper actually works. You swing the light plastic racket at a flying bug while holding down a switch on the handle that puts 3000 volts of electricity through the strings. The result: a satisfying pop and a sizzle and one less mosquito in the world.

It’s fun to use and gives children something useful to do during backyard parties. And should those children inevitably use the zapper on themselves or on others, as children are wont to do, the tiny shock they get does little more than give them a moment of frisson.

The top of the rubberized frame is squared off so it can be effectively used along ceilings and in corners where particularly pesky bugs can take refuge.

Powered by two C batteries, the gray and yellow zapper racket costs about $13 at Walmart, Home Depot and a number of online stores.

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